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The 7 Best Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Colorado

Destination weddings are a ton of fun. However, making sure you choose the right destination is incredibly important. One of the best places to go for a destination wedding is right here in Colorado. People from all over the world come to Colorado to have the wedding of their dreams, and they don’t leave disappointed. Here are a few of the best reasons to have your destination wedding in Colorado.

Unique Wedding Experience

If you and your partner are looking for a unique wedding experience, then come to Colorado. Here, amongst the Rocky Mountains, the sky is literally the limit when it comes to weddings. Some of the best wedding venues in Colorado sit at an altitude over 10,000 ft with commanding and staggering views of Colorado’s beauty.


Many people come to Colorado to have a wedding like no other. A creative, unique experience with your partner and wedding guests to remember forever. Whether you want to get married above the clouds, standing at the peak of a mountain, or at a rustic, creekside ranch, Colorado has the options for you. 

Some Unique Wedding Experiences in Colorado Include:

  • Getting married surrounded by over 1,000 exotic butterflies at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado
  • Say your vows in a repurposed steel and ironworks factory at Mile High Station in Denver, Colorado
  • Marry your soulmate at the top of a 12,200 ft mountain at the Telluride Ski Resort in Telluride, Colorado

The Astounding Views

Finding beautiful locations to take the perfect wedding photos isn’t too difficult here in Colorado. With the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, acres of rolling wildflower meadows, and vast oceans of forest, Colorado is breathtaking. 


Our state is home to four national parks and 41 state parks. We have more mountain peaks over 14,000 ft than any other state (54) and 15 different mountain ranges across the state. Colorado is also home to 15 national natural landmarks, including the Garden of the Gods and the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.


Make sure you find a great Colorado photographer to help guide you to the most beautiful places for your wedding pictures.

Some of the Most Beautiful Places in Colorado Include:

You Can Perform Your Own Wedding in Colorado

One of the really cool things about having your destination wedding in Colorado is that you don’t even have to find someone to officiate it. Because of the Colorado Revised Statute 14-2-109, a marriage can be solemnized (performed) by any of “the parties to the marriage”. This means that you or your partner have the power to perform your own marriage. 


Keep in mind that this means you and your partner are responsible for obtaining, signing, and returning your marriage license to the appropriate office. Self solemnizing is great for couples who want a quick wedding or who want to keep their wedding small. Having the ability to perform your own marriage makes Colorado the perfect place to elope or have a micro wedding.

Make it a Vacation

While having your destination wedding in Colorado, why not make a vacation out of it? Colorado is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with natural vistas that go unmatched. Not only that, but the big cities here in Colorado have everything a newlywed couple could want from a vacation. Imagine enjoying a spa weekend at a five star resort with the gorgeous mountain backdrop to bask in. Here in Colorado, the opportunities are endless.

Perfect Venues for Nature Lovers and Luxury Seekers

Another great reason to have your destination wedding in Colorado comes down to the variety of wedding venues. Here in Colorado, we have beautiful and unique wedding venues for every sized wedding. So, whether you and your partner want to be married creekside, at an organic farm, or 11,000 ft up, at the only five-star, five-diamond hotel in Aspen, Colorado has the best wedding venues for you.

Some of the Best Wedding Venues in Colorado Include:

Incredible Food

Colorado makes your wildest food dreams come true. With a huge variety of different restaurants and cuisines to choose from, you won’t be leaving hungry. The unique wedding venues here in Colorado often include unique food choices. Some weddings enjoy a farm-to-table experience while others indulge in a seven-course, luxurious feast. Colorado has the best variety of incredible and unique dining experiences for you and your wedding party.

Some of the Best and Most Interesting Restaurants in Colorado Include:

Fun Activities for Everyone

With all of the fun activities to do here in Colorado, there’s something for absolutely everyone. Adventurous couples have the options of white water rafting, ziplining, and miles of gorgeous hiking trails to get their adrenaline pumping. Your wedding guests have even more of a reason to fly in earlier or fly out later, just to explore the state.


We also set the stage at the forefront of the green rush, being the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. Colorado has the most mature market for marijuana dispensaries, restaurants, and activities. You can even have marijuana bars, activities, and treats at your wedding! No matter what your interests are, Colorado definitely has something for you.

Some Fun Things to do in Colorado Include:


Get Wedding Photography and Videography Services for Your Destination Wedding in Colorado

Once you decide to have your destination wedding in beautiful Colorado, why not take care of your photography and videography services as well? By trusting the pros here at Dgass Photography, you’ll receive some of the best photography and videography services in the state. 


Don’t wait, call us at (402) 708-8812 or write us a message here to get started. You can also check out our blog for all the latest and greatest tips to help plan and prepare for your wedding. Follow our Instagram and Facebook for news updates and to see examples of our latest work.

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