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Elopement Definition: What does it mean to elope?

Every year, more and more couples decide to elope, and for good reason. These non-traditional weddings appeal to couples for a number of reasons, ranging from their simplicity to their ease of planning. Elopements have transformed from the secret, forbidden weddings of the past to the romantic and beautiful ceremonies we have today.

Have you been wondering: What is the definition of Eloping? or What does elope mean?

First, we need to find out what eloping even means. Traditionally speaking, eloping describes a couple who run away to get married, without parental consent. Today, elopements aren’t necessarily secret or require you and your spouse to “run away”.


Eloping simply describes small, simple weddings that can be performed quickly and with very little planning or preparation. Typically, couples leave their hometown or home state when they elope, but it’s not necessary.

Is Eloping Right for You and Your Partner?

Eloping may not appeal to every couple. It’s important for you and your partner to discuss your ideal wedding to ensure you both get the wedding of your dreams. When deciding which type of wedding is right for you and your partner, there are a few key things to keep in mind. 


First, elopements are not your traditional wedding. If you and your partner prefer something a little more unique than large traditional weddings, then look into eloping. If you want a small wedding with only a few guests, or no guests, then eloping is definitely for you. Finally, think about where you want to get married. If you and your partner want to get married out of state, or even out of the country, then consider eloping. The pros here at Dgass Photography put together a list of the five best reasons for you and your partner to elope.

5 Best Reasons to Get Eloped

Elopements Make Wedding Planning Easy

Getting eloped has many benefits and one of the most obvious is that they are easy to plan. Eloping, by definition, requires little to no planning at all. This means that you and your partner won’t have the same headaches, anxieties, and stress as a couple planning their wedding with 500 guests. 


The small size and easy planning allows you and your partner to design your elopement to be the perfect possible day. The result is a wedding that represents the values that you and your partner hold. The wedding feels more “You”. Elopements have fewer moving parts and fewer responsibilities, making it easy to create the perfect day for you and your partner.

You Can Get Eloped Virtually Anywhere

Because elopements are so small, couples often choose to travel for their wedding. Turning your elopement into a destination wedding is one of the best benefits of having such a small wedding. One of the most popular places to elope is Colorado.


Here in Colorado, we have an incredible variety of wedding venues to choose from. With choices ranging from a rustic ranch in a meadow of wildflowers to 12,000 ft up on the peak of a mountain. If you decide to get married in one of the many beautiful parks here in Colorado, make sure to obtain the proper permits from the parks beforehand. Having the freedom to choose almost anywhere to get married is easily one of the best reasons to elope. 


The added benefit of having these destination elopements are the pictures. The beautiful locations and unique venues make perfect wedding pictures. A pro tip for planning a destination elopement is to find your wedding photographer early. These professionals know the best locations to snap the perfect wedding pics, making it easier on you and your partner. 

Elope When You Have Time Constraints

Eloping is a relatively low-maintenance type of wedding. Because they require less extensive planning and preparation, they also require less time to plan. This means you can put together your own elopement in no time flat. Eloping makes sense for couples who have a time constraint, requiring them to get married soon. 



Eloping gets even faster in Colorado because couples are allowed to perform their own weddings. Every year, more couples choose to skip finding someone to officiate their wedding, opting instead to perform it themselves. Just make sure to take all the necessary steps of obtaining your marriage license, filling it out, and returning it to the correct county clerk office.

Get Eloped for a More Intimate Experience

Eloping isn’t just a get-married-quick scenario anymore. While it is fast, eloping is also extremely sentimental. The size of these small weddings make them easier to customize and easier to perfect.


Another excellent reason to get eloped is for the added intimacy. Because elopements are so small and couple-focused, they end up being much more intimate and close. Elopements are some of the most romantic and sentimental ceremonies around and are perfect for adventurous, romantic couples.


These small weddings are also more private. For couples who are more introverted, eloping provides the perfect environment to get married. Avoid seating charts, guest lists, and any possible family drama on your wedding day by having an intimate, private elopement.

Elopements Make Incredibly Unique Weddings

Eloping isn’t like other weddings. They’re anything but traditional. Couples can elope on the tops of mountains or in an aspen grove, wherever they desire. These celebrations, and the locations they take place in, become as unique as the couples themselves.


If you and your partner need a more unique wedding experience, then eloping might appeal to you. With the smaller scale of these elopements, customization is easy. These creative customizations make elopements some of the most unique wedding experiences. An added bonus of eloping is that you can be wildly creative with even a modest budget. Eloping has endless possibilities.

Where Can we Elope in Colorado?

The popularity of eloping in Colorado continues to grow, and for good reason. From the beautiful landscape to the ability to perform your own weddings, you can’t beat Colorado. The vast number of beautiful parks and small weddings venues can easily overwhelm couples from out-of-state, making it difficult to decide on a place. That’s why the experts at Dgass Photography put together a shortlist of some of the best places to elope in Colorado.

Some of the Best Places to Elope in Colorado Include:

Remember Your Special Day With Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos

Eloping in Colorado means you have the opportunity to have the most beautiful wedding photos. Finding your wedding photographer early in the process makes planning the wedding much easier. The experts here at Dgass Photography have some of the best photography and videography services here in Colorado. Being familiar with the area means we also know the most picture-perfect locations for your wedding photos.


For more information, or to get started, call (402) 708-8812 or send us a message here. You can also read up on some of the biggest trends and hottest tips in wedding planning by checking out our blog. Add us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest news and updates, and to see photos of our latest work.

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  5. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you talked about how the small size and easy planning allow you and your partner to design your elopement to be the perfect possible day. My long-time partner and I are planning to get married soon and we’re looking for an elopement venue nearby. Elopement ceremonies are quite small so selecting where to hold one is actually very flexible.

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