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Five reasons to choose an indoor wedding venue in Colorado

Featured Post by Becky Nuttal of Clay Venues

When choosing a wedding venue, there are so many things to take into consideration. Does it fit in our budget? Does the space match your style? Will this venue hold all your friends and family? I’m sure you have a long list of questions in addition to those listed here. 



There are pros and cons to every venue, but below we are sharing our top five reasons that we think you should choose an indoor venue. There is also a link below to another great resource; “20 questions to ask your venue before booking”. 

So let’s dive into why we think you should book an indoor venue. We might be a bit biased because CLAY is an all-indoor venue, but to be fair we choose to get married at an all-indoor venue in Denver ourselves. We are so glad we did for many reasons but the main reason being our April 28th wedding ended in a blustery blizzard (after 70 degree days the week before)! 

  1. You never have to worry about the weather. 

If you are reading this, you are most likely planning a wedding in our beautiful state of Colorado. Colorado has many beautiful outdoor locations but its weather is at best unpredictable. Colorado can see sun, rain, and sometimes even snow all in a matter of hours. Choosing an indoor venue takes worrying about a “rain plan” completely off your mind. Being a photographer for fourteen years, I have seen my fair share of weddings that have had to make a last-minute change due to weather. No couple wants to worry about if their guests are comfortable due to the elements. Uncomfortable guests are grumpy guests. Keeping everyone comfortable at an indoor wedding is easy since you control the climate! 

  1. Best of both worlds

At CLAY we offer all of our couples the best of both worlds. CLAY has an indoor space that offers large windows and garage-style doors, that let in beautiful natural light. Having the option to open the garage doors gives you the option to bring the outdoors in while being safe from afternoon thunderstorms. This is the perfect combo for couples that want a safe alternative to outdoor weddings, while still having a plan for anything that Colorado weather brings on your wedding day. 



  1. More freedom for decorating 

Not all weddings have extravagant decor, but if you and your future spouse want to go all out on decorations and make your day specific to your own style, then an indoor wedding may be the best option. Blank white walls and exposed beams, like CLAY offers, provide the perfect canvas to create your unique to you wedding where you can utilize decor that you wouldn’t be able to in an outdoor setting. No wind to blow delicate and light decor away! 

  1. Lower Cost 

The majority of the time, an outdoor reception will require a couple to rent items like a tent, tables, chairs, bar + lounge furniture and additional decor to set the mood. An indoor venue like CLAY we offer tables and upgraded chairs for 200 guests at no extra cost, an option to customize the bar, and beautiful wood top cocktail tables. CLAY also offers a fully furnished client suite for getting ready photos. Surprise expenses come up in every wedding but something that couples often forget to consider when planning an outdoor reception is electricity. Your music, lighting and catering staff to name a few all need electricity. An indoor venue that specializes in events will have exactly what you need without having to hire an electrician to wire your event. 

  1. More Intimate 

Imagine all of your loved ones in one room, candles lit with music playing. An indoor reception is as intimate as it gets. It also ensures that as night falls, the chill in the air and the bugs won’t put a damper on the evening festivities. Being inside also means you have control over noise. You will not have anyone interrupting your ceremony in an indoor venue and your noise levels won’t be bothering anyone either. 

While we understand that many people will get married outside in Colorado, take these reasons into consideration when planning your wedding. You can always have your wedding inside and have photos taken outside during your big day. Even though CLAY is an inside venue it is close to many gorgeous parks to capture couples photos. 

Bonus content!! This is a list of 20 questions we think every couple should ask their venue before booking. Check it out here

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