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15+ Best Places Elope in Colorado

Elopements in Colorado are for the bold and wild at heart. By making the decision to elope, you’ve crossed out the stories, re-wrote the rules, and fearlessly taken action into demonstrating the power of love. Rightfully so, you’re looking for a, “I just want to lose myself in this moment forever” setting for this time. Whether you’re searching for the high hills of the Rockies, or the breath-taking views of a countryside sunset, you’ll find it all here in Colorado.  The choices seem endless, and there’s magic in each. But there are 15 places to elope that’ll make you fall in love over and over again. 

Best time to elope in Colorado

Eloping in Colorado will give you the flexibility to choose the month and/or season that will align best with the elopement experience you and your partner desire. Unlike other states, each season in Colorado truly offers a unique experience that will have you counting down the days until its return. 


Whether you are planning to tie the night in Boulder, Colorado, or the peaks of The Rockies, you need to first consider the time of year that will best suit your union. 


Here are the pros and cons of eloping during various seasons in Colorado:

  • Spring Elopements in Colorado
      • The average temperature in the Springs will range from 50-60 degrees depending on where you choose to elope in Colorado. Cool-weather and dry conditions are perfect for hiking to some of the best elopement spots in the area. 
  • Summer Elopements in Colorado
      • The summer makes for a great time elope. The great thing about eloping in the summer is that you reap the benefits of great weather at lower altitudes and easier road accessibility at higher altitude locations. In June you can expect the snow to start melting in most locations. 
  • Elope in Colorado During The Fall 
      • All is going to give you the perfect colors for your elopement if timed properly. Right around October, you can expect the snow to be finished melting from most mountain locations. Generally mid-September is going to give you the best autumn vibrance from trees in the area. 
  • Elopement Pros and Cons for Winter in Colorado

A winter elopement in Colorado will allow for some of the best snow-capped images. This time of year will typically be colder than the other seasons, however, you also have a variety of activities such as skiing or snowmobiling that you can incorporate into your adventure. Frozen waterfall anyone?



Rocky Mountain National Park- Estes Park, CO

The top of places to elope in Colorado for good reason. Rocky Mountain National Park hosts plenty of magical places to explore and share your special moment. A scenic drive to the top, snow-capped peaks, and tons of hidden magic laced between, this unforgettable spot makes for an unforgettable elopement. No doubt about it. You and your partner have the freedom to make the time all about you, as the park features over 100 trails, in a variety of settings. A popular spot for photos, Trail Ridge Road ranks as the highest road in the U.S. For wintertime lovers, be wary, as the road is closed during this season. 

The permit price for elopements at RMNP are $250, and you can purchase yours up to a year in advance of your big day. Bear in mind this does not include the $25-day fee for entrance into the park. Depending on your chosen location, you are allowed guest numbers between 20-60, so be mindful when choosing your spot due to this as well. For your booking, contact park service office at (970) 586- 1482.



Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa- Gateway, CO

With indoor and outdoor venues, you get to choose in Gateway. One of the more luxurious choices, Gateway offers the enchantment of a woodsy getaway, and awe-inspiring warm colored hues that stretch the skyline into sunset. You also have the option to upgrade your experience and helicopter to a remote spot at the top of the mesas. Couples massage, and some wine to unwind, and you’ve found yourself a perfect little getaway in Gateway.

The resort offers two packages to choose from, one being “Love is in the Air”: including a romantic helicopter ride to Calamity Mesa, and a picnic lunch. The second, “Honeymoon Package” includes your helicopter experience, breakfast and lunch, $300 spa credit per person, as well as a horseback trail ride. Rates are specified when you contact the resort. Book your dream celebration on



Garden of the Gods- Colorado Springs, CO

A fantastic option for couples on a tighter budget, Garden of the Gods offers 6 free spots for your ceremony—with no sacrifice to experience. With gorgeous red rock, stunning skylines, as well as winter accessibility, you two can make your vows in one of Colorado’s most beautiful parks. Nestled just outside of Colorado Springs, you are also minutes away from a variety of restaurants to host a luncheon or dinner to follow your celebration.

25-50 guests will be allowed depending on the desired location, as well as the time of year. There is no permits requirement, which means there are no fees. However, you also can’t reserve your ceremony location, so try to plan accordingly by avoiding crowds on a potentially busy weekend. A sunrise or weekday elopement would be your best bet. For more information and park booking options, visit

For bookings at the resort, visit



Great Sand Dunes National Park- Alamosa, CO

For the brave and the daring, check out Great Sand Dunes National Park for a Western-esque elopement. This unique location allows you to run along in the sands, and share an epic, “I do.” Cuddle up fireside outside of a camper and stare up at the incredible views of the stars. The Dunes also feature Zapata Falls, an incredible waterfall and hike for the start to your day. You can even experience this in the wintertime with some spikes, too!

The application fee for your permit is $100, with a location fee ranging from $50-$250 depending on your party size. To apply for your permit and explore booking options, visit:


Maroon Bells- Aspen, CO

For just around $200, you can rent out the entire amphitheater at Maroon Bells for your celebration.  Forgo the decorations, the views you’ll see do it for you. Aspen is also one of the most beautiful mountain towns that you could hope to find, with several options for hosting your reception post-vows. A classic shot that you just can’t miss. Dancing with your partner through the grass with the beautiful rocky Bells in view behind you. 

Your guest list for Maroon Bells should be condensed to a party of 65 to avoid overcrowding. And if you wish to use the amphitheater for your ceremony, there is a $200 fee for the reservation.  For more information, visit: 



Black Canyon National Park- Montrose County, CO

Just about 5 hours from Denver is one of Colorado’s hidden treasures, Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Because the park is so remote, it makes all the better for the perfect spot for you to share your most intimate moment. You may even consider staying a few days with so much to see. Best time of year for elopement here would be May-October for the most stunning views. Bear in mind that a permit is required to elope at Black Canyon, so be sure to contact the Ranger’s Station at least a month ahead of time.


A special event permit will cost you $100 at Black Canyon, and additional fees may be added depending on party size. For information, visit:



Loveland Pass- Keystone, CO

With an elevation of almost 12,000 ft. as well as “love” written in its name, Loveland Pass is a powerful declaration of your love. The pass sits just east of Arapahoe Basin, one of Colorado’s top skiing spots, if you are planning a winter wed. Peaceful hikes allow you complete privacy, and a chance to find some time away from any tourists. Find your way to Pass Lake for a beautiful view & spot for your exchange of vows. 


A special use permit is required for your ceremony. The rules can be tricky to understand, but typically parties are restricted to 75 guests, but you may have some leeway and wiggle room depending on time of year. Obtain your special use permit here:



Mount Evans- Idaho Springs, CO

If you’re the adventurous type, this 14er will be the one for you. An anything-but-boring drive to the top, with mildly changing conditions and incredible views, Mount Evans is a must. Sunrise and sunset are especially breathtaking, so be sure to plan your celebration accordingly for something of the magnificent. 

A permit is required for service at Mount Evans, and you may wish to consider condensing your guest list to 75 persons. For booking, has a special events application available here. You may choose to fill out the form and submit via mail to City Clerk:



Lake Dillion- Breckenridge, CO

Ah, Breck. A gorgeous ski town, and popular amongst tourists, is home to Lake Dillion. Lake Dillion is the perfect spot if you’re looking for something especially small and intimate. Vast blue skies, to accompany the gorgeous lake, this is the perfect spot for you year-round. You even have the option to rent an incredible getaway home in Keystone or Breckinridge for the length of your stay.

There are several venues available for your service near the Lake, however, a special use permit is required to wed on the Lake itself. For location options and booking, visit:



Guanella Pass Elopement – Georgetown, CO

If you’re not overly enthused by the mountains, Guanella Pass is more for you if you can picture yourself in a large garden, abundant with wildflowers. This spot makes for a breathtaking summertime elopement. Autumn is gorgeous as well, with miles of grasslands for a spacious view, and incredible photos. 

Special use permits are not required for your elopement at Guanella Pass. The estimated cost for your experience is likely to fall below a very fair $5,000—all-inclusive. Contact town of Georgetown City Clerk’s office, or fill out a park permit form found here:



Hanging Lake Trail- Glenwood Springs, CO

You’ve got lake, waterfall, mountains, and grasslands. Not much else is needed for your most perfect elopement at Hanging Lake. The lake is incredible, and nothing like I’ve ever seen before, with blue and green hues that bring it to life. Ribbons of water fall into the lake in a constant yet peaceful rush, making it an absolute stunning location. The Glenwood hot springs are a close drive as well, perfect for a way to relax and spend quality time following your celebration. 


You will need a special use permit here too, and if you’re hoping to exchange vows on the Falls, you may want to consider a guest list below 30. For more information on location and booking, visit:



Lake Isabelle Weddings – Nederland, CO

A close drive from Boulder, Lake Isabelle is a wonderful close getaway. If you are bold enough, you can even slip off your shoes and climb the rocky edges of the lake, hand-in-hand. The view of the lake is incredible at sunrise too, if you’re alright with starting your day around 4AM. Unique, barren trees and plenty of open space make Lake Isabelle a spot you couldn’t forget. 

No permit is required to wed on Lake Isabelle, and you can plan for larger parties around        100 to attend. Vows and Peaks remains a popular avenue for elopement packages. To obtain your special use permit, contact Nederland Town Hall at:



Vail, CO

An upscale ski town, Vail is certainly luxurious, but rightfully so. For the adventure lovers, and snow-sport lovers, Vail provides you ample adventure. No matter which season you wed, you’ll find stunning views in Vail, slope-side or countryside. 

No permit is needed in Vail to elope. If you have a larger guest list, you may consider selecting a lodge or resort, (plenty to choose from) for your celebration. For specific locations and booking instructions, visit:



The Observatory at Alta Lakes- Telluride, CO

Telluride itself offers so many gorgeous options to choose from. But The Observatory at Alta Lakes is a highly unique experience worth highlighting. A gorgeous back-country cabin, perfect for wintertime, and close to the Telluride ski lifts make it a great winter option. An outdoor hot tub with a forest view, hiking, as well as boating, and you have plenty of memories to make here at The Observatory.

Parties up to 45 are allowed for your event at The Observatory. Contact the owner by email or phone for rates. For special event information, visit:



Dunton Hot Springs, Dunton, CO

A Southwest ghostown, Dunton is a lesser-known treasure. You even have the option to ATV to your ceremony spot. There are hundreds of years of history to be felt in Dunton, and the hot springs gives you a gorgeous waterfall that runs through the town. Plenty of old structures and buildings to surround, Dunton captures a moment frozen in time, and will capture yours as well. 


The springs has an elopement package available for your ceremony, pricing being $2,200. You also have the freedom to choose your ceremony location as well. For packages, and special event information, visit:


Best Colorado Elopement Vendors

Curious about what vendors you will need for your elopement? We’ve crafted a list of our favorite vendors to work with for adventurous gatherings in the mountains. 

Check out our favorite Airbnbs for weddings and elopements!

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