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Destination Wedding Film

Hiring a wedding videographer to craft your destination wedding film will be one of the best decisions you make. 


When you are planning a wedding in another city, state, or country, you’ll want to ensure that your wedding is properly documented so that you are able to share every detail with friends and family back home. 


In this article, we’ll cover the top questions we get about destination weddings and help you determine if this type of wedding is right for you and your partner.


Destination Wedding Definition

You may be wondering “What is a destination wedding?” A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in a location outside of the city or state you call home. This could be in a neighboring state, or at the foot of a waterfall in Iceland. There is no right or wrong place to host your destination wedding, as the choice is yours!

How much does a destination wedding cost?

When calculating your budget for a wedding that will require travel for you and/or your guests, there are a few considerations that must be thoroughly thought through. 

  • Location: Where will your wedding take place?
  • Travel: What are the fees to travel to this location?
    • Will you be paying some of your guests or wedding party to travel?
  • Guestlist: How many people will you be inviting?
    • Your guest list will set the tone for other expenses such as:
      • Venue
      • Catering fees
      • Bar fees
  • Experience: Do you envision your destination wedding as an intimate wedding or elopement with your partner that kicks off your honeymoon? Or do you envision inviting a large crew of family and friends with group excursions following days after your ceremony?
  • Length of stay: Do you plan on picking up and heading home after your ceremony and reception, or do you plan to stay awhile, enjoy yourself, and add more coverage to include in your destination wedding film? (Your wedding videographer will be able to create the best wedding film if you are able to incorporate multiple days into your wedding videography coverage.)


Top Destination Wedding Locations

Destination Weddings in Colorado

Our team at Dgass Photography regularly works with couples that are planning weddings in The Mile High from afar. We are often an integral part of the vendor team, as we are able to quickly and easily connect couples with local vendors that align with the look and feel of couples that are planning their wedding or elopement from out of state. In addition, we can also recommend personalized resources that can help you find the wedding venue of your dreams. 


Experienced Destination Wedding Videographers and Photographers

Are you looking for an expert team of wedding photographers or elopement videographers to join you on your destination wedding? Finding the right match means more than finding wedding professionals that have traveled afar for photo and video work. You’ll want to work with a team like Dgass Photography that understands the planning process and logistics of traveling for a destination wedding, without the added headache or stress.


Get in touch today to learn more about Dgass Photography and see if we are available for your wedding abroad. 


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