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Bella Sera Event Center: The Ideal Wedding Venue for Your Colorado Wedding

Making sure you choose the right wedding venue for you and your partner is step one in planning your wedding. Here in Colorado, we have some of the most beautiful wedding venues around. One of the best indoor wedding venues here in Colorado is the beautiful Bella Sera Event Center in Brighton, CO.



Where is the Bella Sera Event Center?

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, especially for destination weddings, location really matters. Finding a place that is beautiful, easy to get to, and has plenty to do can sometimes feel like you’re asking for the impossible. Luckily, Bella Sera Event Center has everything you need, and more.

Beautiful Location

The surrounding region around the Bella Sera Event Center has some of the prettiest views in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains stand tall and proud in almost every picture in Brighton. Thick, beautiful forests and wide open fields dot the countryside, making it a nature-lover’s dream come true.

Easy to Get to

One of the best parts about choosing Bella Sera for your destination wedding is that it’s very easy to get to. Being only 20 minutes outside of Denver, all of your guests who are flying in can get to the venue quickly, if necessary. You also have access to some of the best hotels in the state.

Plenty of Fun Things to Do

The Denver-Metro area is full of fun things to do. Not only do you have all the attractions and amenities of a big city, but you also get access to some of the most impressive parks in the entire country. Colorado really does have it all and the Denver area may be the best place in the state to experience it all.

Fun Things to Do Around Denver:

Why Choose the Bella Sera Event Center for Your Wedding Venue?

Italian Inspired Brighton Colorado Wedding Venue

This stylish and spectacular wedding venue started as a twin movie theater in the 70s. Today, Bella Sera Event Center is a Tuscan-inspired masterpiece. The elegant and luxurious decor is sure to impress you, your partner, and all of your wedding guests. This place was literally made to host your grand wedding, ensuring you feel like royalty on your romantic day. Check out their gallery for proof.


The many picture-perfect locations inside and outside Bella Sera Event Center make every wedding photo even more beautiful. Whether it’s the stunning Tuscan architecture, the gorgeous grand staircase, or the massive, chandelier-laden ballroom, this venue will enchant you. Having your wedding at Bella Sera Event Center allows you and your partner to enjoy one of the best indoor wedding venues for wedding photography and videography in Colorado.

Incredible Guest Services

The best benefit that you get when you choose Bella Sera Event Center as your wedding venue is access to some of the best guest services in the business. Guest services at Bella Sera are world-famous, second to none. The incredible team works with you and your partner to ensure your wedding is exactly the way you want it. It’s their goal to make your wedding, and the entire planning process, as stress-free as possible.


The wedding team at Bella Sera Event Center get to know every couple, ensuring you and your partner get the attention and dedication you deserve. They walk you through the entire process, offering suggestions and providing examples wherever needed. If you’re looking for a stress-free wedding experience with a staff that makes it a priority to make a personal connection with you and your partner, then Bella Sera is the place to go. 

Multiple Wedding Packages Make Your Wedding Stress-Free

Another incredible benefit at Bella Sera Event Center is the variety of wedding packages to choose from. This helps streamline your wedding-planning process, making everything easier for you and your partner. Each one of their packages can be completely customized to ensure your wedding is exactly the way you want it.

Bella Sera Wedding Packages:

  • Bella Basic Package: Not available Friday and Saturday, up to 8 hours for ceremony and reception (reception only available too), only one event per day, available catering and DJ services, all beautifully decorated before you arrive.
  • Bellissimo Platinum Package: The Bella Basic Package plus available all week, up to 9 hours for ceremony and reception (reception only available too), access to their state-of-the-art lighting system, and even more customized decorations.
  • Italiano Ultra-Platinum Wedding Package: The Bellissimo Platinum Package plus, interactive specialty items, interactive and creative food and drink bars, suspended hanging cake table, and so much more.

Planning Your Wedding at the Bella Sera Event Center

If you want to host your wedding at Bella Sera Event Center, then it’s a good idea to act sooner rather than later. Getting in touch with the wedding team at Bella Sera is incredibly easy, all you have to do is give them a call at (720) 937-6337. They can help you gather the additional information needed to make your decision.

Essential Information for Bella Sera in Brighton:

Keep Your Bella Sera Wedding Memories Forever With Professional Wedding Photography and Videography Services

You and your partner are going to want to capture all of the beauty, elegance, romance, and fun at your Bella Sera wedding. The best way to do this is by investing in professional photography and videography services from Dgass Photography. Dgass Photography provides some of the best services in the state, ensuring the best moments are captured at your wedding. 


Let’s get started! Send us a message or call (402) 708-8812 to get the process started. You can also keep up with the latest trends, tips, and guides for your wedding by checking out our wedding blog. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to hear about the latest offerings, updates, and news from Dgass Photography.

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