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Garden of the Gods: The Perfect Colorado Wedding Venue for Nature-Lovers

Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful places on the planet to get married. The natural splendor of this incredible state draws in couples from all over the world, every year. While there are so many beautiful places to have your destination wedding in Colorado, Garden of the Gods Park stands above the rest. 

Best Reasons to Get Married at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado

The Perfect Venue for Beautiful Photography and Videography

If you’re looking for the most beautiful and picturesque wedding venue in Colorado, you can’t go wrong with Garden of the Gods Park. The astounding beauty of this park has been nationally recognized since 1971, when the Garden of the Gods was declared a National Natural Landmark. Staggering towers of red sandstone dot the 1300-acres of park. Wedding photography and videography at Garden of the Gods captures the amazing scenery, wildlife, and plantlife of this unique and beautiful, wedding venue.

Privacy and Intimacy

For couples who want a private and intimate venue for their micro wedding or elopement, Garden of the Gods provides exactly that. The maximum number of guests allowed for a wedding in the park is 50 people, ensuring Garden of the Gods stays pristine. The quiet and expansive natural environment of Garden of the Gods Park creates a quiet atmosphere that is just heavenly; it’s the perfect place to get married for nature-lovers and introverts. 

An Ideal Location for an Elopement or Micro Wedding

More and more couples consider eloping or hosting a more modest micro wedding every year than ever before. The best part about elopements and micro weddings are the unique and gorgeous wedding venues to choose from. Parks make excellent elopement and micro wedding venues, which is why Colorado is such a common destination. Garden of the Gods offers the best and most beautiful park experience for your micro wedding or elopement

No Permits and Minimal Planning Needed

Getting married in the Garden of the Gods is amazingly easy to plan. The venue itself requires no permits or reservations. The park staff asks only that your ceremony is brief, you have as few guests as possible, and you leave the area as beautiful as you found it. Garden of the Gods Park doesn’t allow receptions within the park, but you and your guests can have a picnic at the Scotsman Picnic Area or the South Spring Canyon Area.

Have Your Reception in Colorado Springs or Nearby Denver

Being located in Colorado Springs has a number of benefits, and one of the best benefits is that you and your guests remain close to some of the best locations in the state to have a wedding reception. Colorado Springs has several wonderful venues to choose from. With Denver also only an hour away, you have even more access to incredible reception venues.

Some of the Best Reception Venues in Colorado Springs Include:

Some of the Best Reception Venues in Denver Include:

Choosing Your Wedding Location in Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods has six different sites to choose from to host your ceremony. These sites, spread throughout the park, offer a variety of unique wedding experiences for you and your guests. Here is a breakdown to help you and your partner decide which ceremony site is right for your elopement or micro wedding.

Jaycee Plaza

The first ceremony site in Garden of the Gods is Jaycee Plaza. This may be the most structured and guest-friendly of the ceremony sites. Jaycee Plaza offers a beautiful, circular stone amphitheater, perfect for weddings. With incredible views of mountains and forests, Jaycee Plaza doesn’t disappoint.

Number of Guests: 50

Sentinel Plaza

If you and your partner want to get married amidst the gorgeous red rocks of Garden of the Gods, then Sentinel Plaza has everything you want. The large towers of red sandstone and surrounding pines create an intimate, quiet, and romantic atmosphere. Sentinel Plaza makes the perfect location for a small and intimate elopement ceremony.

Number of Guests: 25

Three Graces Plaza

Another smaller ceremony site at the Garden of the Gods Park is Three Graces Plaza. This stunning location stands in the shadow of the towering and impressive formation of sandstone called The Three Graces. The massive, three-piece spire of red sandstone creates an almost cathedral-like atmosphere, making Three Graces Plaza one of the most popular wedding locations in Garden of the Gods.

Number of Guests: 25

High Point

The best wedding ceremony site for panoramic views of Garden of the Gods Park is High Point. This beautiful spot also provides a perfect covered structure for small weddings and elopements. From High Point, you and your guests get staggering views of Pikes Peak, Cheyenne Mountain, and the expansive forests and sandstone formations of Garden of the Gods Park.

Number of Guests: 50

Scotsman Picnic Area

Scotsman Picnic Area may not be the most popular location to get married in Garden of the Gods, but it does have a few standout benefits. The location offers some of the only seating among the ceremony sites. After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a picnic at the five picnic tables while taking in the surrounding beauty of the park.

Number of Guests: 25

South Spring Canyon Area

The South Spring Canyon Area offers a more lush and forested location for your elopement or micro wedding. Located in a charming valley, South Spring Canyon Area weddings are surrounded by tranquil forests and serene fields. This location provides the perfect spot to host a picnic after your wedding ceremony.

Number of Guests: 50

Document Your Garden of the Gods Wedding with Videography and Photography Services

Elopements and micro weddings at Garden of the Gods Park, here in Colorado Springs, provide some of the best opportunities for stunning wedding pictures and videos. Dgass Photography offers premium wedding photography and videography services. The professional photographers have an abundance of local knowledge, ensuring you get pictures and videos in the most beautiful locations in the park.


To get started planning your Garden of the Gods wedding photography and videography, give us a call at (402) 708-8812 or send us a brief message. You can also get access to the best tips and tricks for planning your wedding by checking out our helpful blog. For early access to the latest updates, news, and deals from Dgass Photography and access to galeries of our previous work, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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