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Whether it's just the two of you, or a small group with your closest friends and family members, we are here to help. 

More and more couples are opting for intimate gatherings. Whether it's due to COVID-19, or it has always been your dream to elope, you deserve the best for your special day. 

Extremely limited availability in 2020/2021 
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The Emotion

Smaller groups allow you and your partner to feel at peace and able to be vulnerable around your closest family and friends.  The ability to enjoy your time and take the moment is something unique to intimate weddings and elopements. 

The Simplicity

With a smaller group size, planning your small wedding or elopement will be significantly less complex. It will also allow you to consider venues and open spaces that were originally ruled out due to your larger guest count. 

The Views

The Celebration

At larger events, it's easy to get tied up with pleasing family and friends. With a small wedding or elopement, you will be noticeably present and able to enjoy one of the most special days of your life. 

Colorado offers unmatched views that are perfect for intimate gatherings. We love helping couples find the perfect location for their elopement style gathering. From scouting to obtaining permits, we can help you navigate the process of finding the perfect location for you and your partner. 

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