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Denver Wedding Planners: Top Colorado Wedding Planner Details

Getting engaged is probably one of the best feelings in the world, but it comes with the complications of planning your dream wedding. Just as you received the perfect proposal, you want your big day to be just as grand. For that, planning a wedding is very important. 

The first thing on your mind is probably, “How am I going to manage planning a whole wedding on my own? Well, the answer is simple, you don’t have to do it on your own, and this is why we ALWAYS recommend working with wedding planners. If you’re planning your wedding in Colorado, we recommend hiring one of the top wedding planners in Denver. To help you out, this article is the perfect guide when it comes to choosing a wedding planner. But before we get to that, let’s discuss what they do and why we recommend them. 

What is A Wedding Planner?

 Wedding planners are professionals who will assist you in planning your entire wedding, from the decorations, and the guest lists, to the venue and lots more. Wedding planners need to take care of basic things, but there’s much more to them. They are one of the people who stick with you through all the wedding stress, at times offering emotional support and mentoring to help keep you sane. They also put in a lot of effort and work day and night to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. 

A Wedding Planner And A Day Of Coordinator: What’s the Difference?

Before you’re on your way to finding the perfect wedding planner in Denver, you first must know the difference between a wedding planner and a day-of coordinator, as you will need both. A wedding planner is a professional who will handle all the logistics from day one of the planning. They will keep tracking your budget and get you the different services you need accordingly. Wedding planners schedule all vendors’ meetings and attend them themselves most of the time. They also take care of all hotel room bookings and transportation.

On the other hand, a wedding day of coordinator takes care of the logistics for your big day but is only there for a shorter period compared to a wedding planner. They usually come into the picture 4-8 weeks before the wedding. Their main role is to finalize everything from vendor contracts to guest counts. However, they are not part of the main planning that begins from day one. So if you’re afraid of any possible loose ends that could affect your wedding day, a day of coordinator will make sure there are none by reviewing everything and have a final walk-through. 

The main difference between these two wedding essentials is that a wedding coordinator will put in more hours into planning from the very first day, and a day of coordinator will oversee everything on the final day, more like the icing on the cake, but a very important one.  

How Do I Know If I Need a Wedding Planner?

Every madly in love couple needs a wedding planner, and you might need one too. Mentioned below are a few prominent reasons that could indicate you need to hire a wedding planner in Denver instantly:

  • You have no idea how and where to begin your wedding planning and lack organizational skills
  • Both you and your other half have full-time jobs, so you don’t have enough time to plan a wedding
  • The thought of having a wedding is already stressing you, and that’s the last thing you need
  • You’re running short on time and behind  your wedding schedule
  • You’ve selected a unique venue that will require professional management 
  • Have multiple events following your big day 
  • Having a destination wedding 
  • Want to achieve the wedding of your dreams 

What Kind Of Tasks Do Wedding Planners Help With?

There are many things wedding planners take care of, from managing your wedding rehearsals and menu tastings to coordinating hotel room bookings and floor plans. You won’t even for a moment feel like you forgot to do something for your big day as your wedding planner takes care of all of it. The main tasks wedding planners help you with are:

  • Wedding Rehearsals
  • Help you Create a Budget 
  • Frame a proper timeline till the big day 
  • Schedules and attend s vendor meetings 
  • Arranges hotel room booking 
  • Manage transportation 
  • Takes care of menu tastings and venue 
  • Executes your big day vision on the spot 

What Should You Expect To Pay For A Quality And Experienced Wedding Planner?

Professionally planning a wedding takes up a lot of effort and energy, and a lot of things go into one; hence hiring a wedding planner in Denver is costly but worth every penny. Depending on the type of wedding planner you’re hiring and your requirements, on average, you can expect to pay around $1,800-$4000+. 

High –End Luxury Wedding Planners in Denver

Mentioned below is a list of the best luxury wedding planners in Denver that will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams:

  • Table 6 Productions

Having almost 3 locations, including Colorado, Table 6 productions has amazing clientele and helps arrange you a stress-free glamorous wedding. Contact them right now! (866) 573-3966.

  • Grace    & Gather Events 

Wake up to a perfectly planned wedding without having to do anything with the help of Grace & Gather Events. Connect with the team now at

  • Collective by Sachs

From venue research to deigning, and decorations, #TeamSachs will deliver you with an exotic wedding you’ve been dreaming of since a little girl. Your wedding planning started now with Collective by Sachs now (763) 300-2814

  • A Touch of Bliss Events 

One of the friendliest wedding planners in Colorado, A Touch of Bliss Events, is the missing piece you need to plan your big day! Achieve the wedding of your dreams with their efficient team. Contact them

  • Pink Champagne Events

Pink Champagne is a Denver-based wedding planning company that specializes in arranging luxurious weddings. Start your wedding journey by booking an appointment now! 

  • Kaitlin Shea Weddings

Have Kaitlin Shea plan your big day the way you’ve dreamt of it. Contact Kaitlin Shea now and get closer to planning the perfect wedding day. 


With the help of this article, you can hopefully settle on the best wedding planner in Denver! Treasure all your perfect pre and main wedding day moments with DGASS Photography.

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