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How To Elope: The Essential Guide to Eloping for You and Your Partner

The definition of eloping, and the way couples view it, has changed over the years. It once represented the classic runaway, forbidden love scenario; where couples escape into the night to get married quickly and in secret. Today, eloping retains its small size, ease of planning, and quickness, but does away with the secrecy and disapproval.


What is Eloping?

Elopements are simple, small, and intimate weddings. The scale of these ceremonies makes it easier for couples to create the ideal day, turning elopements into a celebration of joy and love. Couples are more likely to elope outside of their hometown, state, or even country. However, making it a destination wedding isn’t a requirement.

Should You and Your Partner Elope?

To put it bluntly, elopements aren’t for everybody. If you or your partner envisions an elaborate and grand ceremony with hundreds of your closest family and friends, then don’t consider eloping. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you and your partner should elope. 

Make Your Elopement the Perfect Day for You and Your Partner

One of the biggest benefits of eloping is the planning process. Large weddings have a lot of moving parts to them. Whether it’s the guest list, booking the venue, finding the right dress/suit, picking the menu, centerpieces, or any of the other details, planning a wedding takes a lot of effort.

The smaller size of elopements makes it much easier to plan the perfect day. You and your partner choose and control every part of your elopement with fewer compromises and fewer issues. While the budget of a large wedding gets spread thin amongst the myriad of details, you can use the same budget for your elopement and get even more out of it. This makes it much easier to get creative with your wedding budget to ensure your special day is absolutely perfect.

Eloping is Perfect for Busy People

Another perk of eloping comes down to timing. Elopements can be incredibly fast if you and your partner choose. The planning and execution of an elopement doesn’t require an extensive amount of time, making it perfect for couples who are pressed for time.

If you and your partner, or even your guests, have time constraints that make it difficult to plan a large wedding, then eloping is perfect for you. Not only is it quicker to perform and faster to plan, but you can still get the same magnitude of romance and even more intimacy. 

You Can Elope Almost Anywhere

Getting married with a large wedding definitely limits the number of venues available to you and your partner. Not only does it affect the venues, it also affects the location. Choosing to elope opens up a lot of doors to beautiful, unique, and interesting venues all over the world.

If you and your partner envision a destination wedding out of state or country, then consider eloping. With the smaller ceremony and fewer guests, it’s easier to turn your elopement into a destination wedding. This means you can choose to elope in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Ireland, or even right here in beautiful Colorado. When it comes to choosing where you want to get eloped, the sky’s the limit.

Eloping is Unique and Intimate

It’s safe to say that no two elopements look the same. Elopements offer couples the opportunity to have a unique and intimate wedding experience. You and your partner can plan your elopement in any way that you want, making these ceremonies as unique as the couples who plan them. Whether you want an elegant elopement in a grand venue or a simple ceremony on top of a mountain, the vast opportunities of customization for your elopement makes it easy to create the perfect wedding day for you and your partner.

The size of these unique ceremonies make them more intimate as well. Some guest lists don’t even extend past the couple themselves, meaning the entire focus of the wedding is on the couple and their love. A couple-focused wedding means you and your partner get the attention that you deserve on your special day.

How to Elope:

How many guests do you want at your elopement?

Once you decide to elope, consider how many guests you want at the wedding. This important part of the planning process determines the size of the wedding. You could choose to have a few important friends and family members or forego the guests altogether. Depending on your choice, this sets the stage for the entire planning process.

Where do you want to elope?

Next, think about where you want to get married. Once you know the size of the wedding, start planning on whether or not you want a local elopement or a destination elopement. The fewer guests make it much easier to coordinate travel plans. 

This also means that you need to find out the different rules and regulations when it comes to marriage. Some states don’t require witnesses, others have a waiting period for obtaining a marriage license, and elopements outside of the country have different rules as well. The important thing is to do your research beforehand. Be on the lookout for local guides on elopements, micro weddings, and destination weddings. Check out the local government sites to get prepared and avoid any last minute fiascos. 

When should you get eloped?

Another thing to consider when eloping, and especially if you have a destination wedding, is the timing of your wedding. When having a wedding in a foreign place, it’s incredibly important to be familiar with the weather and climate of the area. This helps avoid eloping on a mountain in a blizzard or on a beach during a typhoon.


What do we need to get eloped?

When eloping, getting the details right is incredibly important. This becomes even more important when having a destination elopement. With proper planning and research, you and your partner can avoid any possible issues. 

Here are a few important things to remember when eloping:

  • Make sure you both have your valid I.D.s. These can be a driver’s license, birth certificate, Alien Registry Card, or your passport. Your passport is required if you plan to elope outside of the country.
  • Obtain, complete, and return your marriage license. Information for marriage licenses can be found at the local government website of the location you are getting married at.
  • Remember to obtain any permits necessary for the venue that you choose. If you are getting married in a national or state park, then you will most likely need a permit to get married on the grounds.
  • Different locations have different requirements when it comes to fees and payments. Research any potential fees, like marriage license application fees, park entrance fees, venue permit fees, or even parking fees. Keeping track of these little details saves you and your partner from potential headaches on your special day.

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