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What is a Honeyfund?

Honeyfund has been dubbed as a “Dream Bank”, and with good reason. It’s really like a bank deposit from your wedding guests but for your dream vacation + wish list together as newlyweds….kind of obsessed.

The first thing that may come to mind when you hear ‘Honeyfund’ is honeymoon + funding for it, and it’s exactly as it sounds – but even better. Honeyfund is a free honeymoon registry plus the number one rated cash wedding gift registry site. Unlike a ton of other sites and apps, Honeyfund is free with simple, pleasing aesthetics, with a purpose to give you an experience together you will never forget. Hooked yet?

Honeyfund takes the pain out of wedding gift registration for both you and your guests and handles it all for you so you can focus on your big day. What sets this site apart is that it’s not about gifts in the physical form – it revolves around experiences in the form of gift-giving (cash, anybody?) as opposed to getting china you may never use or home decor that’s just not your aesthetic. 

Oftentimes, many couples won’t even take a honeymoon and end up spending all their money on their big day plus the events leading up to the wedding, but we all know that where real intimate memories are made are when it’s just the two of you, exploring and cultivating experiences together.

One of the big reasons I love this company so much is that they donate 10% to charity while also giving people an experience to remember for the rest of their lives. Win-win.


User-friendly is Honeyfund’s middle name and in this day and age, we can all be grateful for that. What you do is sign up and allow your guests to put money towards anything of your choice. Don’t worry – if you’re choosing to go on a honeymoon, you don’t have to know where you want to go in the beginning in order to sign up and get going.

Another awesome feature of Honeyfund is that the remaining money is all yours, so you can choose to spend it on whatever you like! 

The site features its own list of partners all over the world – from beach bungalows in the Caribbean,  Fiji, Bali and more tropical locations to Europe, India, Japan or basically anywhere else your heart desires. Check out their list here and browse your dream experience now. 

What you want to do is visit their homepage and you’re immediately presented with a question of whether you are getting married or if you are a guest and once you make your choice, just click the link and follow along with the prompts. Yes, it’s that easy.


You can let your guests know that you would rather have an experience as a gift at the bottom of your wedding invitations, and then point them in the right direction. I’ve compiled a couple of uber polite responses to help you get started in the right direction.

  • “In lieu of presents, your Monetary Love Gift would be truly appreciated. Most importantly, we request your presence as our wedding guest, as surely you are a blessing to us. We’ve registered with Honeyfund in order to cultivate experiences we will never forget in place of tangible items.”
  • We only ask for your love and presence on our special day but if a present is your desire, we would be honored if you check out our registry on Honeyfund to help us fund experiences together that will last a lifetime. All our love, xo [couple’s names].

Of course, you do not just have to use your registry on Honeyfund for a honeymoon so there are options available if you are saving for a home, decor, or whatever your desires may be! That being said…


Check out the most sought-after honeymoon destinations at 

Whatever you want! The idea of Honeyfund came about primarily as a way to fund experiences for newlyweds that they otherwise might not have splurged on for themselves and create memories that will last forever. 

The founders are very keen on experiences over tangible items, but you are free to use these monetary gifts for anything of your choosing 

You’ll be able to make a quick description of what you’re looking to use the money for at the top of your registry. For example, if you already have a house full of everything you need, you might let them know that and then explain the dream trip you are hoping to go on, etc. Then of course, you can let them know how excited you are to see them on your big day!

You’re even able to put specific excursions and activities that you want to do and guests can individually contribute to those if they feel called specifically to one or another. This works the same way with gift cards, and there’s hundreds of places for you to choose from such as Lowe’s, Target, Macy’s, T.J. Maxx, Airlines, and much more.


Honeyfund offers free options for both you and your guests, including offline payments and popular gift cards from dining, travel and retail brands. 

Where they make most of their money comes from Honeyfund Elite, their $39.99 option they offer that allows you to customize your wedding registry with their powerful design tool. It’s the best on the market – seriously. Elements of design include templates, cover photos, password protection, no ads, photo slideshow and registry items, plus more. 

Guests NEVER pay a fee, and couples who accept offline and online payments pay average fees of just 1.8%. Pretty darn good. You’re also able to use your own PayPal account or their own integrated card solutions powered by Wepay, if you’re in the US or Canada. Super easy.


Short answer is: yes. Honeyfund is free. This was the vision of the company from the beginning and it remains that way today! The revenue they receive comes from their package upgrades like their customized design registry themes, gift item images, photo slideshows, and more. 

Additionally, the site features minimal advertising, though this helps support Honeyfund to keep offering their services free of charge. Love it! 


Honeyfund is one of the most popular wedding registry sites on the web and I hope you can now see why. Whether you choose to offer for your guests to contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams, a down payment on your home, shopping for the happy couple, or towards a saving goal, Honeyfund has got your back. 

Get started here today and fall in love with the simplicity and ease of their service so you can focus on your big day – worry-free. 

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