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Wedding Videography Tips for Your San Francisco Destination Wedding

More and more couples decide to have a destination wedding every year. These fun and adventurous weddings are full of incredible memories. This is especially true for destination weddings in San Francisco. By hiring a professional wedding videographer, you ensure those memories get captured and saved for years to come. 



Top 6 Reasons to Have a Wedding Videographer at Your San Francisco Wedding

If you’re one of the many adventurous couples looking to host your destination wedding in San Francisco, then it’s time to find a professional wedding videographer. While most people hold a fairly powerful camera in their pocket, you can’t replace the many benefits of hiring a professional videographer. Here are six of the best reasons to invest in professional wedding videography for your San Francisco wedding.

Professionals are Skilled, Organized, and Dependable

You won’t regret investing in professional wedding services for your destination wedding. These skilled tradesmen and women have the videography skills and insight that can only be gained through experience. Their careful preparation and organization ensures you have one less thing to worry about at your wedding. The professionals equip themselves with the best equipment so they can capture every moment of your wedding. It’s also important to remember that filming the wedding is only half the job. Professional wedding videographers edit the footage into astounding cinematic experiences, focused entirely on the love between you and your partner.

See Your Wedding in Action

Wedding photography is another essential service needed for your destination wedding, but pictures are limited in their storytelling ability. These freeze-framed moments are important, but they can’t recreate the movement and life of the actual moment. Professional wedding videography tells a story through movement and action. The best way to capture the full story of your San Francisco destination wedding is by pairing your photography and videography services.



Get Every Last Detail

One huge benefit of professional wedding videography services is that you can experience even more of your wedding. You and your partner are sure to be busy on your wedding day. This means you won’t get to fully experience your special day. Professional videographers work hard to capture all the perfect moments during your wedding, saving them for you to experience later. This is especially beneficial for destination weddings because your videographer can help capture the adventure from start to finish.

Document Your Romantic Adventure From Start to Finish

Destination weddings typically aren’t a one-day endeavor. The trip to your destination is very much a part of this romantic adventure. Destination wedding videography can capture the fun moments of the journey and the destination. This gives you a more complete picture of your San Francisco wedding. Whether you’re taking a plane, train, or car, you’ll want to remember this romantic voyage.

Capture the Sounds of Your Wedding Day

Pictures are also limited by their inability to record and preserve sound. Sound is a huge part of your wedding day, from the romantic vows you exchange to the songs you dance to at the end of the night. Investing in professional videography services for your wedding means you’ll get that added layer of sound for your wedding story. 

You Can Share Your Wedding Video

Another benefit of professional wedding videography is your ability to share your special day. Destination weddings limit the number of guests for a number of reasons. This means that some of your friends and family will have to miss out on the fun. Investing in videography services for your destination wedding allows you to share your San Francisco wedding, in its entirety, with everyone who missed out. 

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue in San Francisco

One of the first steps in planning your destination wedding in San Francisco is to find the right wedding venue. By looking for the most beautiful and memorable wedding venues in San Francisco, you ensure your videographer can get the very best footage of your romantic day. Here are a few of our favorite San Francisco wedding venues.



Conservatory of Flowers

If you’re looking for an absolutely beautiful location in San Francisco to host your destination wedding, then check out the Conservatory of Flowers. With three large event spaces to choose from and multiple options for combined space rentals, the Conservatory of Flowers is sure to impress. True to its name, this venue is full of rare and spectacular flowers, plants, and trees. It’s a stunning place for wedding videography and photography in San Francisco.

Conservatory of Flowers Wedding Information:

San Francisco City Hall

For a grand and spectacular wedding, most people wouldn’t even consider City Hall. That’s because they haven’t seen San Francisco City Hall. This magnificent building, located in the heart of San Francisco, is a knock-out before you even step through the doors. Once you step inside, it’s game over. The grand staircase underneath the golden rotunda will absolutely take your breath away.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Information:

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Another gorgeous place to get married in San Francisco is at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. This masterpiece of flowers, plants, and towering redwoods has five different venues to choose from. Each venue is surrounded by expertly-tended gardens and trees. It would be difficult to find a greener place to get married in San Francisco. With multiple packages to choose from, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is perfect for elopements, micro weddings, small weddings, and large weddings.

San Francisco Botanical Garden Wedding Information:

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is the most famous park in the city of San Francisco. This sprawling, green oasis, located at the center of the city, has long been a romantic destination for adventurous couples. Golden Gate Park has seven different venues to choose from for your destination wedding venue. Some of them include Shakespeare Garden, Fuchsia Dell, Chinese Pavilion, and Chain of Lakes.

Golden Gate Park Wedding Information:

The University Club of San Francisco

Finally, there is the grand and luxurious University Club of San Francisco. This gorgeous building, built in 1890, sits at the top of San Francisco’s famous Nob Hill. From this vantage point, and with the venue’s floor-to-ceiling windows, you and your guests will enjoy the beautiful views of the San Francisco skyline. Because they only host one wedding per day, you and your partner get the attention you deserve for your wedding.

The University Club of San Francisco Wedding Information:

Get the Best Videography and Photography Services for Your San Francisco Destination Wedding

When it comes to your destination wedding, don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why you should invest in the best wedding videography services from the professionals at Dgass Photography. With multiple unique packages to pick from, including wedding photography, Dgass Photography has everything you need to document the beautiful memories of your San Francisco destination wedding.


If you’d like to get started right away, then give us a call at (402) 708-8812 or send us a quick message. Head over to our helpful wedding blog for all the best tips and guides for your wedding planning. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates from Dgass Photography.

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