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Featured Blog Post: WedLocks Bridal Hair & Makeup | Make Up For Weddings

Make Up For Weddings

Hello lovely couples! My name is Nine Morrison and I am the proud owner of WedLocks Bridal Hair & Makeup based out of Denver, CO.
WedLocks is an on-location bridal hair and makeup company catering to the more natural/Colorado/mountain chic brides. Our team of beauty experts work with hundreds of brides every year (yep, we said HUNDREDS!) Chances are, this is your first time planning a wedding, so it’s no wonder you may be feeling excited, confused, overwhelmed, defeated, or any number of all the feelings. And guess what… it is completely normal! It is because of my own overwhelming experience with planning my wedding, 5 years ago, that I started WedLocks.
In an effort to guide and demystify the bridal beauty process, we recently released our bridal hair & makeup guide to help guide brides through finding their ideal hair and makeup professional as well as, everything you need to know about working with WedLocks.
Our goal with our guide was to answer 99% of couples’ questions and help bridal parties find their glam squad. Think of our guide as a cross between a helpful “how-to” to finding you glam squad and the ultimate FAQ page for our company.
Here are a few helpful tips when searching for beauty vendors:


-What are some of your common extra fees?
  • Extra stylist/artist fee?
  • Early morning fee?
  • Holiday fee?
  • Travel fee?




Some of these may seem silly, but some companies do charge for early mornings and extra help, and a lot of these fees won’t be on their websites or estimate, so be sure you ask!
How many services can that handle?
This is if you have an extra grande bridal party, be sure they can handle the size of your bride tribe.
Who are the additional people who will be working with them?
  • Do they work with them on a regular basis?
  • Are they trained in the same type of style?



The biggest way our brides find us is through reviews (The Knot, Google, Yelp) and vendor referrals. Do your research! Stalk their social media, website, reviews, etc.


-Not responding in a timely manner
This is a huge one for not just WedLocks, but for me personally! If I am an inquiring client and I don’t have some sort of response or acknowledgment within 24 hours, they’re OUT! If you find yourself consistently waiting days or even weeks for responses, that professional might not take their business too seriously and that is a big red flag! (That being said, always check you spam folder in your email! A lot of times your vendors may not be ignoring you, their emails are just getting stuck in your spam box.)
Pricing that is too good to be true
I’m sure you have hear the sayings “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” and “Your get what you pay for.” And let me tell you girl, this is all too true in the wedding industry! Low prices usually means a lack of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, but you do not need someone to be starting their career at your wedding. I can tell you vendor horror stories for days that would knock the socks right off of you! So please don’t be seduced by someone’s low prices!


-National Average for A Bride’s Hair: $125 (WedLocks is $75 in 2018)
-About half of all brides ask for their bridal parties to pay for themselves.
-National Average Cost for a Bride + 4 Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: $955 (WedLocks is $950 in 2018)
Visit our website at and download your Bridal Hair & Makeup Guide from the pop-up on our home page!

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