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Unique Denver Wedding Venues

It’s time to start planning for the wedding. Do you know where you are going to have it yet? To save you some time, here’s a list of 10 unique Denver wedding venues. We’ll give you a full description of why you should have the wedding in these spots. Make your wedding day a memory to serve forever.

The Barn at Raccoon Creek – Littleton, Colorado

We’re happy to start with The Barn at Raccoon Creek. As a rustic environment for your wedding, the barn is a beautiful atmosphere with the most amazing view you will ever see. This is an exceptional place to hold a wedding. 

Located outside of Denver, this wedding venue overlooks the Raccoon Creek Golf Course. Beautiful scenery surrounds the area. We recommend that couples come to take a look at the spot and study all the outdoor locations. There is a bridal suite, a courtyard, and a rustic barn.

Click here to learn more about The Barn at Raccoon Creek 

The Manor House – Littleton, Colorado

Want to know what Denver wedding venue you should choose? Take a look at The Manor House located in Littleton, Colorado. It is a stunning six-acre property. Get all the privacy you need in this intimate setting. Not only does The Manor House supply you with natural lighting for your wedding photos, but it also holds a beautiful library. 

Check out the fancy indoor locations. Prepare for an exciting wedding that you and your partner will never forget. The staff will help you with any preparations. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Manor House

Mountain View Ranch – Pine, Colorado

For couples who would like to have a big wedding, take a look at Mountain View Ranch. It has a 3,500-acre ranch surrounding a pine forest. Invite up to 200 guests. The views are spectacular of the mountains. 

The elegant chandeliers add to the atmosphere of the ranch. The kind staff will help you with anything that you need. Choose from multiple wedding packages to add a unique addition. 

Click Here to Learn More About Mountain View Ranch

Moss Denver – Denver, Colorado

If you and your partner really want to get creative with your wedding, look into Moss Denver. Moss Denver is located in Santa Fe Arts District. It holds up to 300 guests. This place is gorgeous with cement floors, hanging lights, and plants that have a wonderful smell. 

No need to worry about parking all the guests because Moss Denver has plenty of street parking. Decorate, have the wedding, and celebrate with a fantastic reception. Guests are going to have the time of their life.  

Click Here to Learn More About Moss Denver

Mount Vernon Canyon Club – Golden, Colorado

As soon as you witness the resounding scenery at Mount Vernon Canyon Club you’ll want to have your wedding here. Elegant with incredible views, Mount Vernon Canyon Club is a unique wedding venue. Located right near the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado, this elegant place is the best spot

The maximum number of guests that you can invite is 220. Choose from three ceremony locations. The Aspen Room is most recommended. Set up the location however way you want, with any creative theme. 

Click Here to Learn More About Mount Vernon Canyon Club

Lionscrest Manor – Lyons, Colorado

Lionscrest Manor is one of the best locations to hold a wedding. Get over 50 acres of private mountain wilderness. It is a rather intimate setting that holds up to 250 guests. 

We’ll admit, you’re going to have a tough pick. Not only is the outside gorgeous, but you have to go inside to see all the ceremony options. Whichever you choose, the wedding is going to be a memorable day. 

Explore the outdoor courtyard and North Exterior Balcony. Once the wedding is over, take as many pictures as you want with a mountainous background in the foreground.

Click Here to Learn More About Lionscrest Manor

Evergreen Lake House – Evergreen, Colorado

You have to put Evergreen Lake House on your list of wedding venues. Located near the Evergreen community, make your wedding private or public. Invite over 200 guests to this venue. 

This place has a terrific view of the lake and all the breathtaking scenery of Colorado. Provided with the best natural lighting, the wedding photos are going to come out terrific. If you have to take the wedding inside, guests have the chance to look out picturesque windows. 

Make sure that you make bookings now because Evergreen Lake House is a popular wedding spot. And the service is out of this world. Get the best service to help prepare for the wedding. 

Click Here to Learn More About Evergreen Lake House 

River Bend – Lyons, Colorado

This unique Denver location is settled along the bank of the St. Vrain River. It is one of the best backdrops that you could ask for of the Redstone cliff tower, listening to the river, smelling the lovely flowers, and making it a day to remember with friends and family. 

The River Bend has a luxurious cottage that you have to witness. As soon as you arrive at this place, you’ll notice the amazing atmosphere. You’ll also notice the chandeliers hanging right above you. This spot is the perfect backdrop for all those wedding photos. 

Here’s an idea. Have River Bend cater your meal. You won’t regret it. Guests have considered the food as one of the best parts of the experience. Get in touch with River Bend and start planning your wedding today.

Click Here to Learn More About River Bend

 Bella Sera Event Center – Brighton, Colorado

The Bella Sera Event Center is the unique wedding location that you want. The interior is elegant.  I’m sure once you and your partner take a gander at the Rocky Mountains sitting in the background, you’ll want to hold your wedding here. 

The lights make your wedding day glow. Look through the three different wedding package options offered by the venue itself. Once you choose your theme, invite up to 275 guests, and have the best wedding.

Click Here to Learn More About Bella Sera Event Center

The Pines at Genesee – Golden, Connecticut

Lastly on our list, check out The Pines at Genesee located in Golden, Connecticut. For couples looking for elegance, this is the wedding location for you. You have the decision to choose to hold the wedding outside or inside.

Both options make it the best wedding day ever. Outside everyone gets a view of the glorious mountains and the forest. Oh, be prepared to witness the most amazing sunset. That’ll make the pictures a grand experience. 

Inside, the venue is large enough to hold 300 guests. The incredibly friendly staff answers to all your needs. And they will also help you plan and decorate for the big day. Sit down with them, talk about your theme, and then they immediately get to work. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Pines at Genesee


Take the time to visit all these exciting wedding venues in Denver. We know that there is a lot to choose from. Pick whichever area is right for you. Get in touch with these ten Denver wedding venues.

Once you have made your decision, work with the staff and start up on those plans. Weddings are a busy period. In the end, you’ll make several fond memories of the experience. Make your wedding day so fun to the point where the guests don’t want to leave. 

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