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Destination Wedding Videography: The Essential Guide to Film Services

Destination weddings are a fun way to get married for adventurous couples. Embarking on an odyssey to a faraway place to exchange vows with the one you love is the very definition of romance. The memories made on your romantic adventure deserve to be captured and preserved for years to come. Investing in videography services for your destination wedding is an absolute must.

Best Reasons to Invest in Wedding Videography for Your Destination Wedding

Wedding videography services are an investment. This investment ensures the very best memories from your wedding get captured and saved for years to come. Being able to look back at this special day ensures those happy memories live on forever. There are so many different reasons to invest in wedding videography services for your destination wedding, here are five of the best reasons.

Capture Every Little Detail

One of the best reasons to hire a wedding videographer for your destination wedding is to capture all of the small details from your wedding. You and your partner won’t want to miss a moment from your wedding. By hiring a professional wedding videographer, you ensure every one of those little moments and details get captured and preserved for you to experience later. Watching the finished wedding video is like reliving your beautiful day from a different perspective, allowing you to experience it fully. 

Document the Action of Your Entire Destination Wedding

Hiring a wedding photographer is an absolute must when it comes to wedding planning, but the photographs they take only capture single moments. That’s why hiring a wedding videographer is an absolute must as well. Wedding videographers preserve memories from your wedding in a different way. By capturing the movements and action throughout your wedding, you and your partner can relive that special day in a more intimate and complete way. This is especially important for destination weddings because the wedding videographer can capture every part of the wedding, including the trip.

Listen to the Voices, Sounds, and Songs of Your Wedding

Again, with wedding photography, you only get part of the story while missing out on the sounds and voices. Wedding videographers use sound as a major part of their storytelling. Many times, they capture messages from loved ones, your exchange of vows, all the laughter and joy, and other touching memories. Recording the songs, sounds, and voices of your destination wedding adds another important level to the wedding video and helps you relive that day any time you want.

Share Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding not only brings joy to you and your partner, but it also brings joy to all those lucky enough to be able to take part in it. Unfortunately with destination weddings, not everyone can make it. By investing in a wedding photographer to record your destination wedding, you can share your special day with everyone who couldn’t make it. This is great for family members or friends who live out of the country, who may not be healthy enough to make the trip, or can’t make it for any other reason.

Save Those Memories for Years 

Wedding videographers help preserve the memories of your wedding day for years to come. These professionals create a cinematic movie experience to showcase your perfect day. This movie can be shared with generations of family members and friends. It’s a beautiful and more complete way to remember this romantic moment of your lives.

Choose Your Wedding Venue With Videography in Mind

An essential tip that not too many people consider is choosing your wedding venue with videography and photography in mind. Keep an eye out for key and unique features when searching for a wedding venue. This information is incredibly valuable to your wedding videographer. The type of wedding venue you choose helps you and your videographer determine the style of wedding movie to create.

Common Wedding Venues for Small Weddings, Micro Weddings, and Elopements:

  • State and National Parks
  • The Beach
  • Farm or Barn
  • Rustic Ranches
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gardens
  • Vineyards, Wineries, and Breweries
  • Lakes, River, Waterfalls, and Streams

Common Wedding Venues for Traditional Weddings

  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Ballrooms and Banquet Halls
  • Country Clubs
  • Houses of Worship
  • Mansions

Hiring the Right Videographer

Making sure you get the right videographer for your destination wedding is essential. This important relationship helps them create the best compilation of moments and memories from your wedding. Here are a few of the best tips to help you choose the right wedding videographer for your destination wedding.

Be Sure They Have a Style You Like

The first thing to consider is the style that you’d like to portray in your wedding video. This style helps emphasize you and your partner on your special day. Determining this style is a major step in choosing your wedding videographer. If you don’t know what style you want, then check out the styles of your potential videographers. You can do this by looking at examples of their previous work. Check their social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram, for examples of their style.

Check for Examples From Similar Wedding Venues

While searching through their examples of work, be on the lookout for similar wedding venues to yours. Having a wedding videographer who is familiar with filming at wedding venues similar to yours is essential. This previous experience ensures they can properly plan for the day. They will know the best ways to get the perfect shot, what type of lighting to expect, and many other minor details. These minor details all add up to the bigger picture, a perfect wedding video that celebrates your love on your day.

Communication is Key

Finally, and most importantly, is finding a wedding videographer who you can easily communicate with. Communication is key during the planning process as it allows for a better exchange of ideas and strategies. Proper communication and a good relationship helps the videographer anticipate and prepare for the ideal moments for your movie, ensuring your movie has the best content possible. 

Get Premium Wedding Videography Services for Your Destination Wedding

Your wedding movie should showcase the best parts of your wedding, capturing the beauty, elegance, and romance of the ceremony. For the best wedding videography services for your destination wedding, there’s no better choice than Dgass Photography. The professional videography team at Dgass Photography documents your wedding in all its beauty. With multiple packages to choose from, Dgass Photography meets your wedding videography and photography needs.


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