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Spruce Mountain Ranch: Get to Know Your Wedding Venue

Finding the right wedding venue for you and your partner can prove difficult if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, Colorado is a great place to look. With some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the country, for both large and small weddings, Colorado definitely has a place for you. One of our favorite wedding venues here at Dgass Photography is Spruce Mountain Ranch.

What is Spruce Mountain Ranch?

Spruce Mountain Ranch is, simply put, one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. Since 1871, this 2500-acre parcel of land has functioned as a ranch. Today, Spruce Mountain Ranch operates as a unique, scenic resort while still maintaining the ranch side of the operation. The owners, Tom and Lois Ames, continue to raise and breed purebred Angus cattle.


Though it has been around since the late 1800s, Spruce Mountain Ranch has changed hands a number of times and has undergone countless renovations. Today, this resort ranch perfectly represents rustic Colorado style with a mix of modern amenities to balance everything out. The result is the perfect Colorado atmosphere for a wedding.



What Makes Spruce Mountain Ranch Special?

So what is it about Spruce Mountain Ranch that makes it such a special wedding venue here in Colorado? While there are countless gorgeous wedding venues here in Colorado, Spruce Mountain Ranch sets itself apart from the rest. It doesn’t take long to recognize the beauty and romance of this wedding location.

The Venues

Sitting on 2500-acres of land means Spruce Mountain Ranch can spread out a bit. The event centers at the ranch are divided between two locations, the Upper Ranch and Lower Ranch. These two sections are separated by over a mile, ensuring privacy and seclusion for your wedding.

Upper Ranch Wedding Venues Include:

  • The Lakeview Terrace
    • Up to 50 guests
    • Smallest venue at Spruce Mountain Ranch, perfect for an intimate ceremony or reception
    • Have your ceremony beneath the large stone gazebo
    • Beautiful location with views of the foothills, meadows, fields, and Angus Lake
    • Floorplan
  • Trey’s Vista
    • Wide open venue, perfect for small or large ceremonies or receptions
    • Completely outdoors and surrounded by rolling fields of grass
    • Expansive views of the foothills and Rocky Mountains in the distance
    • Rustic wooden doors serve as the grand entrance for the wedding party
    • Floorplan
  • Ponderosa Room
    • Up to 600 guests
    • Largest indoor venue at Spruce Mountain Ranch
    • Indoor and outdoor locations for the ceremony or reception
    • Rustic, yet sophisticated interior creates the perfect Colorado experience
    • Venue includes large indoor space, stage, outdoor courtyard, and an indoor/outdoor fireplace 
    • Floorplan
  • Spruce Room
    • Up to 300 guests
    • Originally, an addition to the Ponderosa Room
    • Perfect indoor and outdoor locations for a more intimate wedding or reception
    • Incredible views of the surrounding area
    • Reserve this location with the Ponderosa Room for a large, grand wedding
  • Courtyard
    • Located off of the Ponderosa Room, the Courtyard is perfect for small, intimate ceremonies
    • Outdoor location for a ceremony or reception
    • Take in the beautiful views of the ranch and surrounding wilderness

Lower Ranch Wedding Venues Include:

  • Colorado Room
    • Up to 80 – 100 guests
    • Excellent for a small ceremony or reception
    • Indoor and outdoor ceremony locations
    • Rustic lodge-style interior space with charming lighting
    • Indoor/outdoor fireplaces
    • Floorplan
  • Albert’s Lodge
    • Up to 250 Guests
    • Largest indoor wedding venue at the Lower Ranch
    • Indoor and outdoor ceremony locations
    • Rustic log cabin feel inside with an enormous floor-to-ceiling fireplace and a built in bar
    • Floorplan
  • Courtyard
    • Up to 200 guests
    • Outdoor location, between Albert’s Lodge and Colorado Room
    • Charming and romantic space for an outdoor ceremony or reception
    • Can be reserved with the Colorado Room or Albert’s Lodge
    • Log pergola entrance is perfect for a ceremony or for a grand entrance
    • Floorplan
  • Mountainside
    • Up to 250 guests
    • Outdoor location for a small or large ceremony
    • Expansive views of sprawling meadows and distant mountains
    • Perfect wedding picture locations in front of Ogdn Pond
    • Floorplan
  • Grace’s Chapel
    • Up to 250 guests
    • Gorgeous outdoor location for a ceremony
    • Get married beneath an old, elegant willow tree
    • Surrounded by the lush greenery of Spruce Mountain Ranch’s gardens
    • Floorplan

Picture-Perfect Views

No matter which venue you choose at the Spruce Mountain Ranch, your wedding pictures and movies are going to be absolutely stunning. This location, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, has some of the most beautiful panoramic views in the state. Make sure you enlist a local wedding photography and videography service from the area to ensure you get the expert advice that only a local guide could provide.

Perfect Space for Weddings of all Sizes

The large variety of wedding venues to choose from at Spruce Mountain Ranch means it’s the perfect place for a wedding of any size. Not only are the venues perfect, but so are the wedding packages. You and your partner can choose between renting one venue, a combination of venues, or even the entire space with a ranch buyout. For those of you looking to elope or host a micro wedding, there are ceremony-only packages available as well.

Get the Best Photography and Videography Services for Your Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding

Capture the beauty and romance of your Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding by investing in the best wedding photography and videography services. Here at Dgass Photography, our expert photographers work with you and your partner to ensure you get the best pictures and videos possible. Spruce Mountain Ranch is one of our favorite wedding venues in Colorado and we know all the best ways to capture it for your wedding.


Send us a message or call today, at (402) 708-8812, so we can get started immediately. Check out our exclusive wedding tips blog for the latest tips, tricks, and guidance to help with your wedding planning. Keep up with our current offerings and latest news by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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