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Our Favorite Small Wedding Venues in Omaha 

Your big day doesn’t have to include a big guest list. Small weddings are more stylish than ever, whether they’re luxe micro weddings or sensible celebrations. And there are many small wedding venues in Omaha to choose from. 


Wanting your own scaled-back soiree in Nebraska? We’ve curated a list of our favorite small Omaha wedding venues to simplify your planning process. Plus, we have some great planning advice for couples creating their intimate gatherings. 


Soon you’ll be having the best wedding day ever with a guest list that’s perfect for you. 


What is a Small Wedding?

Most people consider weddings with less than 80 guests to be small. However, if you’re used to extravagant affairs or big parties, a 200-person wedding may feel small. 


“Less is More”

There are a host of reasons why small weddings are so popular. One of the biggest draws is the opportunity to save money. Fewer people cut costs in many places: the food, drinks, invitations, and rentals. 


Many venues with less space also cost less. Since your site rental will likely be the most expensive component of your wedding day, choosing a place that costs less will have a significant impact on your budget. 


But a small wedding doesn’t have to be cheap. In fact, many couples choose to go over the top with their trimmed-down guest list. Many of the small wedding venues Omaha offers are stunning. With fewer people to manage and a smaller space to decorate, you can give greater attention to the wow-worthy details you value. 


Many couples also enjoy the atmosphere of a smaller gathering. If you’re shy or simply feel overwhelmed with a lot of people around, a mini wedding could be perfect for you. 

The Simple and the Lavish: Small Wedding Venues in Omaha For Any Couple

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding. While a smaller guest means you can fit nearly anywhere, you still should be choosy about your location. 


We recommend you choose a location with a capacity close to your guest count, but with some room to grow. Book a place assuming that every invited guest will come, plus a few more. You don’t want to end up in a bind by outgrowing your venue. 


You also don’t want to have a small group in a huge venue, either. You’ll spend more money than necessary for a large event space, and it can be tough to decorate. 


Ahead is a list of the top small wedding venues in Omaha so you can select a place that works well for your budget, guest list, and overall vision. Take a look and get ready to find your perfect fit. 


120 Guests or Fewer

Micro Weddings and intimate gatherings will thrive in these Omaha Wedding Venues. 


Lucile’s Old Market

Capacity:  80

What You’ll Love: This inviting yet elegant space features a great outdoor courtyard and stylish details. With a small capacity and a great ambiance, Lucile’s is one of the best small wedding venues in Omaha. 



House of R

Capacity: 85 

What You’ll Love: The team at House of R can help transform their basic event space into a custom-decorated experience for you and your guests. 



Café Postale 

Capacity: 100

What You’ll Love: This Old Market locale has great views and natural lighting. Plus the outdoor terrace has great urban-chic vibes. 



OM Rental Hall

Capacity: 100

What You’ll Love: This eclectic space in Old Market requires minimal decoration and has a lot of personality. 



The Heartwood Event Room

Capacity: 100

What You’ll Love: This simple, versatile event space in Papillion offers hourly rentals and a great ambiance. 



Hotel Deco

Capacity: 120

What You’ll Love: This downtown boutique hotel is perfect for chic, modern couples wanting a stylish event for a smaller group.



121-200 Guests

Couples looking for a little extra space or inviting a few more guests should consider these small wedding venues in Omaha.


Joslyn Castle

Capacity: 125

What You’ll Love: This breathtaking mansion in Omaha’s Gold Coast Historic District is a stunning spot for your celebration. They offer various booking options for all budgets, including a discount for weddings with 50 or fewer people. 



The Gallery Omaha

What You’ll Love: This urban-chic space is a blank slate for any wedding style. 

Capacity: 180



Vintage Ballroom

Capacity: 180 

What You’ll Love: This dance studio can transform into a luxe event space for Omaha weddings. 



40th Street Theatre

Capacity: 195 

What You’ll Love: Originally a Vaudeville house in the early 1900s, this venue also features an outdoor greenspace. 



Starlight Chateau

What You’ll Love: This indoor/outdoor venue feels custom-made for weddings but still has a historic charm. 

Capacity: 200



Danish Vennelyst Park

What You’ll Love: This privately-managed park has a lot of outdoor options, plus a simple yet versatile gathering hall. 

Capacity: 200



Looking for larger wedding venues in Omaha? Check out Lauritzen Gardens and The Magnolia, which can accommodate large or small gatherings. 


Tips for Planning a Small Omaha Wedding

Now that you know why you should plan a small wedding and the best venues to book, it’s time to begin planning your event. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your planning on track and on-budget:


  • Hire a skilled and professional Omaha wedding photographer to capture each detail of your intimate event. 
  • Stay focused on the reason why you chose a small wedding. This will ensure you don’t spend more than you plan or sacrifice the style you hoped for. 
  • You can still include all the elements of a larger wedding, even with a small guest count. Have a full bridal party, speeches, and a dance floor if you want. 
  • On the other hand, it’s ok to skip traditional elements if they’re not a fit for you. A smaller group means there are fewer people to impress. 
  • Have fun! There may be people you couldn’t invite, or things you miss out on when you have a smaller wedding, but it can still be a fun and memorable event for you and your guests. 

We photograph weddings of all sizes! Discover our Omaha videography and photography packages here.


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