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Colorado Wedding Videography Film Guide

How’s your search for a Colorado Wedding Videographer going so far?

If you’re like most of the couples we’re working with, you’ve probably watched just about every wedding film YouTube has to offer.

At this point, you’ve decided that you’re hiring a Colorado filmmaker and you’re ready to dive in and explore your local options.


Beautiful Bride at Moss Denver Wedding Venue


As you start on this journey, we feel that it’s important that you understand some of the language and offerings we have available at Dgass Photography. We hope that the film guide below will help you navigate conversations about wedding videography. This guide will also help you understand what to look for in a filmmaker.


The Highlight

TLDR: By definition, a wedding highlight film is going to touch on the high points of the day. These typically run 4-5 minutes long.

At Dgass Photography, our highlight films are built with the audio from your vows, letters, and toasts in mind. We take the best pieces of audio from the reception speeches and ceremony to tell the story of your wedding day. Pairing this special audio with visuals of cinematic moments and raw emotion from your day helps us tell your story in a 4 to 5-minute film.


Ceremony Edit

TLDR: Are you looking to relive your ceremony from start to finish as if you were a guest at your own wedding? If so, a ceremony edit is likely right for you and your partner.

Unlike your wedding highlight film, a ceremony edit will focus solely on the ceremony portion of your wedding day. Our ceremony edits are less cinematic, more documentary style, and generally give you an opportunity to enjoy your wedding ceremony from another perspective. These films are often a “Must Have” for our couples that are writing their own vows. They are also great additions to share with family and friends that are unable to attend your wedding in person.


Chapter Films

Chapter films are focused on specific portions of your wedding day, such as toasts or dancing. These films allow you and your partner to relive the toasts, special dances, and/or other portions of your day that you find important. Unlike a highlight film, our chapter films will allow you to view toasts from your wedding or special dances in their entirety.


Trailer Films

Do you want a short version of your highlight film to post on social media? Trailer films are a great way to share a 60-90 second video on Facebook or Instagram. These videos help your friends and family see what your wedding day was all about!

Check out the Dos and Don’ts of Colorado wedding videography here!

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  3. Danielle Franqui says:


    I am getting married on Sunday October 17, 2021 and I am looking to pricing on your different videography packages.

    Ceremony is scheduled to start at 11am and the reception will end at 3pm. Location will be Chatfield Farms Botanic Gardens.

    Thank you!

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