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Colorado Wedding Trends: 12 To Incorporate In 2020

New year, new trends. For Colorado couples planning their 2020 weddings, there are quite a few new things we see happening in the wedding industry and I want you to be in the know when deciding on your details for the big day. Let’s take a look at the top 12 trends we see emerging for the 2020 wedding season.


Every year, Pantone releases its Color of the Year chosen by research from street fashion, social media, data, and current affairs. In 2018, we saw Ultra Violet become the Color of the Year followed by Living Coral in 2019. For 2020, although not released yet, researchers are predicting ocean-inspired colors of blue and cools greens to be big. We’re already seeing these coastal colors become more popular in interior design and fashion, but they can also be incorporated into your wedding through your bridesmaid dresses, accent colors, floral arrangements, and so much more.

Eco-Friendly (Going Green)

It’s no secret that weddings aren’t exactly eco-friendly. They can tend to be pretty wasteful from the leftover food to all the paper used. With many people starting to live more sustainable lifestyles, going green with your wedding is increasing in popularity among engaged couples, and for good reason. Making conscious choices about how your leftover food will be saved or donated or opting for digital save the dates and invitations are great beginning steps to hosting a green wedding. If you need more ideas, check out this post we wrote about how to plan a plant based, environmentally conscious wedding.


We see advanced technology making its way into weddings in 2020. Most couples choose to include videography as part of their must haves of their wedding day, but we’re predicting that with the increase in popularity of drones, they will start to be used more frequently for capturing wedding day footage. Their ability to get unique perspectives make them a desirable choice for couples. Another technology making its way into the wedding space is video mapping. Video mapping, or sometimes called projection mapping, is the use of projections to completely transform a venue. They use high-resolution imagery and videos that are projected onto walls and ceilings of your venue, and can completely change the existing look. They are customizable so couples have unlimited options to set the scene for their ceremony or reception, and they can be changed in a moment to create a brand new vibe.


Have you heard of an engagement moon? You will soon! Engagement moons are a pre- honeymoon before the big day. Some couples have opted to take their honeymoon prior to the wedding as opposed to after for a few reasons. The main one being that, as we all know, weddings are not cheap, and couples are finding that their wallet is a little strapped right after the wedding. Choosing to honeymoon before the big day and incorporating it into your wedding budget can help take some of that financial stress off afterwards. The other reason is that planning a wedding can be very stressful and a vacation before the big day will help calm nerves and quality time with your partner can help rejuvenate and excite you both for the next big step.

Sunday Weddings

A wedding is no longer just a one-day event. It’s becoming a whole celebratory weekend with everything from welcome parties to pool hangs and cocktail hours. Traditionally, a wedding would be held on a Friday night or Saturday and the married couple would jet off to their honeymoon right after. But now, couples are choosing to have the wedding be the last and main event to a fun and celebratory weekend, which us why Sunday weddings are becoming super popular. The guests can fly in on a Friday night, have a great time with the soon-to-be married couple, friends, and family on Saturday, and then cap the weekend off with the perfect ending before they head home.

Purple Is the New Pink

We’re seeing purple shades instead of pink take popularity in the wedding industry. Couples are choosing to do shades of lavender and purple as opposed to blush or pink shades, and we are here for it! Blush has dominated weddings for years and it’s fun to see things be changed up. The cool thing about purple is it can be light and delicate or deep and bold making it a fun personalized choice for your wedding.

Mix + Match

Weddings are no strangers to mixing and matching, but we’ve mostly just seen it in bridesmaid or groomsmen attire. Couples are starting to mix and match much more like their table and place settings, decor, and seating making their day more personalized and eclectic. Since weddings are such an individual affair, mixing and matching is such a cool way to see the couple’s values and vibe come through in all of their little details.

Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies have been around for a while, but with the increase of social media and connectedness to our phones and technology, we are seeing more and more couples asking their guests to be completely unplugged during their ceremonies. Not only is it beneficial for the photographers and videographers to do their jobs effectively, but also helpful for the couple’s family members, friends, and other guests to completely enjoy the moment without a text or email alert going off in the background. However, during the reception, most couples want guests to use their devices to capture their experience and share with others.

Natural Beauty

Brides are moving away from heavy makeup and stiff updos in favor of classic and natural beauty looks where they feel like themselves. We’re seeing lots of looser curls and updos for softer looks and more natural makeup with brown smokey eyes and light lips.

Plants + Herbs

Bringing nature indoors is a big theme we’re seeing with wedding decor. Replacing flower centerpieces with greenery-heavy garlands or potted plants and herbs is a great way to stay on trend but also a great way to be more sustainable with your decor choices. Even giving away potted herbs or plantable seeds as your wedding favors is a fun way to promote sustainability and bring earthy-ness to your big day.

Animal Photo Ops

If you’re a pet person, is there nothing better than marrying your partner with your pet by your side or incorporated into the ceremony? Having dogs as ring bearers or flower girls at weddings took off in the past year, and we’re predicting that soon, lots of other animals will be making their way into weddings too! After all, if your pet is part of your family, shouldn’t they be there to celebrate?

Princess Look

With Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both having gotten married recently, we’re expecting their bridal looks to carry into our U.S. wedding industry. Many brides are choosing dresses inspired by the royal women. Kate’s dress was very lacey and classic and Meghan’s was a timeless double bonded silk dress. Kate also had a short lace veil with a long train and Meghan had a long veil with a shorter train. They both wore tiaras and kept their hair, nails, and makeup classic and elegant, which is something we’re seeing more here in the U.S. as wedding trends move into 2020.
What do you think about these trends? Will you be incorporating any of them into your wedding planning?
Let me know in the comments!

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