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Highlight films:

Watch you first dance with your partner and members from your family as if you were a guest.

In addition, we'll include footage from open dancing. This is a great way to capture additional footage of your guests having a having a great time.

wedding FILM GUIDE

ceremony films: 

Dancing films

toast films:

teaser films: 


Our offerings include a highlight film with your choice of additional films. 

 Are you looking for a story focused film that will allow you to relive the best moments from your wedding day?

 You can expect to see your favorite people, hear parts of your vows and/or toasts, and enjoy the most important portions of your wedding day.

Highlight films are included in all of our videography offerings.

Your highlight film will include clips of your ceremony, but our ceremony films are best for couples that want to watch their ceremony from start to finish.

Toast films are often the films couples don't realize they NEED until after their wedding day. 

Picture this:
Your favorite people are putting pen to paper, pouring out their heart, and reminiscing on the best times you've spent together. 

This will be something you'll want to hold onto. 

Your friends and family are dying to see what your wedding was like. Give them a glimpse with this short film that is perfect for social media. 

RAw Footage

We are unable to include all of the moments we captured from your wedding day in your highlight film, so Raw footage is a great way to archive the moments that may have not made it in your final film. 

Please note that RAW footage unedited video content that is non-color corrected, with on-camera audio. A secondary folder with additional audio sources will be provided. These files are often very large and may require professional software to view these files. Raw footage is not a finished product or film. It is meant for archiving or to be uploaded to video editing software and edited.